YDMP Token

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Great News!!!

YDMP Token has got Sponsorship with WAVES!!!!!

Now, the Users will be able to pay transaction fees in YDMP Tokens

It will Boom the Price of YDMP Tokens very soon.

YDMP Token is tradeable here:

Built on the Waves blockchain platform.

YDMP Coin is open for Trading on the Waves decentralized Digital Asset Exchange (DEX) against the 11 cryptocurrency pairs.

YDMP Coin is Tradeable here:  Click Here

About YDMP Coin : ICORanking Token (YDMP Coin) is a utility token of ICORanking, issued on the Waves blockchain platform which can be used within the ICORanking platform. YDMP is a non-ICO token. The total supply of YDMP Coin is fixed at 10 Billion with no further issuance.

YDMP Coin Utility:

Posting Latest Airdrops rewards:
YDMP Coin is issued as a reward for posting Latest Airdrops.

Rating an ICO rewards:

YDMP Coin is issued as a reward on rating the ICO.

Advertising fee:
YDMP can be used to pay for advertising on ICORanking.

Users can deposit YDMP into ICORanking to earn higher rating rewards and act as validators.

Voting rights:
YDMP holders can vote for ICOs to receive free premium listing

Promotion rights:
YDMP holders will enjoy special rights for promotional campaigns on ICORanking

ICORanking will buyback and “burn” YDMP from the market.

YDMP Coin Distribution:
YDMP is distributed via 4 methods

1. by Rating ICOs
2. by Posting Blog Post, Submit ICO or Latest Airdrops.
3. Promotions
4. Purchase on exchange (Waves DEX)

YDMP Allocation:

10% – Airdrop and Rewards.
90% – Team, marketing, Repurchase & Rewards.
Ticker: YDMP
Total Supply: 10,000,000,000 YDMP
Circulating Supply: 10,000,000,000 YDMP
Asset ID: CJsMcUPEEAkXeLMpW7MNocBhsnHc9rPqeS7AkkfNcyxT


ICORanking.xyz Support Team